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User Behavior Analysis

In online business world, it is quite essential to analyse the behavior of your users in website and attempt hard for its further improvement. At Prabhuti Technologies, we provide you with competent user behavior analysis that can easily dish up as a tool for the growth and overall success of your business online. We are here to help you with all the vital information about the users.

We delicately work with our team of highly-qualified professionals and analyze the online behavior of the users and provide you the best results. Utilizing a wide variety of technological tools, we provide our clients deep insights into the behavior of the internet users. The information supplied by us can greatly help our clients when it comes reaching their target markets and advertising their products in a better way. Using out latest measurement tools and services, we aim to provide the most authentic information to our clients.

    Why to Choose Us?
  • Provide you with a detailed analysis of the website visitor behavior in your website from the conversion rates to the links they leave out
  • Provide report about user analysis and help in determining the strength and weakness of your business
  • Provide great opportunities and requirements that can help you to improve your business
  • Provide you with the best and efficient user analysis services at an affordable cost
  • Flash & Rich Media
  • CMS Design
  • Portal Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Icon Design

Benefits of Choosing Us

Analysis of the Visitors and Assessment of their Quality

We will provide a basic overview of the website’s visitors. You will find out how many unique users visited your website and how many times they visited, what locations they came from, how much time they spent viewing your website, and how many WebPages they viewed. We will also tell you which ones bring you quality traffic and which ones bring irrelevant visitors who leave the website almost immediately.

Evaluation of Visitor Sources 

We will determine where your website’s visitors come from and how they behave. You will be able to identify websites which link to you and the information they contain. We will also help you to assess traffic from search engines so that you could see what keywords visitors used to find your website.

First Page Quality Analysis

We provide first page quality analysis for smaller groups of visitors. Visitors from search engines are an appropriate segment for this analysis because, owing to the search engine’s algorithm, they can reach a page deep in the structure of your website. Visitor segmentation involves segregating visitors based on the browser profile, location and their landing page.

User Behavior Analysis Report and Users Preferences

Prabhuti Technologies expert team will provide you with a detailed report on the user behavior analysis based on their needs and requirements. We not only help you to get more visitors to your website but also help you design and develop your website in an efficient manner that can meet the basic needs and requirements of the users.

From determining the traffic sources to analyzing the customer behavior, we ensure that all your requirements are met conveniently. Our services can be availed at very affordable prices.